CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Under the slogan “For a livable planet and a sustainable future,” Hydrogen Technology is working to alleviate energy shortages in countries around the world and protect the global environment by providing a stable supply of ultimately CO2-free energy, thereby contributing to the development of a brighter society and building a brighter future.

Corporate Philosophy

Hydrogen Technology, Inc., as energy provider-oriented on “hydrogen gas” and is trying to improve the domestic self-sufficiency rate of hydrogen gas. We aim to realize the society in which people have a safe and secure life, the global environment is preserved, and the energy supply is stable.

Action Guideline

Environmental preservation

Contribute to the global environmental preservation by supplying completely CO2 free hydrogen gas through the whole process from generating hydrogen to using hydrogen at the end.

Stable supply

Establish a hydrogen supply system with an utterly CO2 free under the high-quality check and improve domestic self-sufficiency rate of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen Technology could build a society that does not depend on fossil fuels.

Lower cost

Contribute to the development of world economy by supplying hydrogen gas at a lower cost.

Safety and Security

Establish an on-site hydrogen supply system with a completely CO2 free at lower pressure without compressing a high pressure.

Contribution to society

Establish a power system with the utilization of hydrogen gas and fuel cells as an emergency power supply at any disaster.