Privacy Policy

Regarding the use of personal information of our clients (hereafter known as “Personal Information”), Hydrogen Technology, Inc. (hereafter Our Company) has the following policies. We would like to provide useful information for our clients all the time. Meanwhile, we understand the importance of protecting Personal Information, and we are obliged to follow the rules and laws for the appropriate use of any obtained Personal Information.

Obedience to Laws

Our Company is obliged to follow all rules and regulations about the protection of Personal Information; we strive to improve our internal policies continuously at all times.

Attainment and Usage

Our Company attains Personal Information under clearly stated purposes and through appropriate means. Also, we only use the information for the purpose declared. If there were necessities to use for other unstated purposes, we should attain consent accordingly.

Disclosure & Providence to Third Parties

Our Company does not provide Personal Information to others except in the following circumstances.

  1. Providence to companies or organizations with the consent of the information owner.
  2. When stipulated by law.
  3. When there are necessities to protect human life or their assets, and it’s difficult to attain the consent from the information owner.
  4. When there are necessities to enhance public hygiene or to promote the healthy growth of children, and it’s difficult to attain consent.
  5. When there are necessities to cooperate with official national organizations, local governmental offices, or their subcontractors for the tasks stipulated by-laws, and the attainment of consent would interfere with the completion progress of tasks.

Safe Management

Our Company follows the below policies and take necessary, appropriate measures accordingly.

  1. We are obliged to establish, maintain, and keep improving a protection system for Personal Information to avoid illegal access, as well as risks about leakage, loss, or damage.
  2. We are obliged to take preventative measures and prompt actions for weaknesses in our policies in the protection of Personal Information. We have regular checks to spot out any violations or undesirable incidents.
  3. We have thorough internal training for our associates regarding the protection of Personal Information.


We may need to change our privacy policies for changes in laws or other related regulations to protect the Personal Information of our users. We would post notifications on our website if there were such changes.