Hydrogen (H2)

What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is an element with the atomic number “1” and the elemental symbol “H.” Two atoms of hydrogen-bonded together are called molecular hydrogen “H2.” Hydrogen is colorless, odorless, the lightest substance on earth, and is the most abundant substance in about 70% of the entire universe. Most of the stars in the universe, including the sun, shine with hydrogen as their energy source.

When combusted, hydrogen bonds with oxygen in the air to form water without any production of carbon dioxide (CO2), the sauce of global warming. Besides, it is storable, transferrable (transportable), and flexible (for use).

Our Hydrogen-PLASMA R H2

– We have succeeded in developing a new technology to extract hydrogen from natural minerals only by reacting between water and natural ores-

We have succeeded in developing a new technology to extract hydrogen from natural ores by simply reacting “water” with “natural ores” created by us,
without using any external heat or electricity, which is entirely different from the conventional hydrogen generation methods. In addition, the catalyst can be reused, so no waste is generated.

Features of PLASMA R H2

  1. Extracting hydrogen from natural minerals based on the reaction between water and natural ore.
  2. It uses almost no external heat or electricity when producing hydrogen.
  3. Natural ores contain no pollutants that can cause air pollution.
  4. CO2 zero-emission throughout the whole process, from generating hydrogen to using hydrogen at the end (CO2-free).
  5. The amount of hydrogen produced: e.g.) 300㎥/h, installation space is required 78 square meters per production line.
    The installation space indicated above is not included storage, automatic loading, water removal device, and others.*
    As long as it can be secured a site for installation, the amount of hydrogen production is unlimited.*
  6. Rainwater can be used in addition to tapping water.
  7. Because water and natural ore are the raw material to be developed and our generated hydrogen is distributed by on-site production, which required no transportation, we could supply hydrogen at a lower price.
  8. Safe and secure because Hydrogen gas is generated and distributred at low pressure (below 1MPa).
  9. Quality of hydrogen gas: purity 99.999%, dew point temperature -73℃ (As measured by a third party.)

Uses of PLASMA R H2

Hydrogen is used in various fields such as semiconductor manufacturing, medical product, oil refining, glass, automobiles, airplanes, and rockets, and the demand for hydrogen will increase even more in the future. In that situation, the use of hydrogen as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels (oil, coal, liquefied natural gas, etc.), which emit large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), is attracting a great deal of attention. For instance, by replacing the fossil fuels used in thermal power plants with hydrogen, it will be possible to supply electricity to businesses and homes with almost no carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) emissions, which are causing global warming.