Our Business

On-site Hydrogen Supply System

“On-site hydrogen supply system” is installed to provide hydrogen gas at the site of actual use.

  1. The lower cost of hydrogen gas can be supplied because the transportation cost is reduced.
  2. No need to liquefy or compress hydrogen gas at high pressure for transportation.
  3. Safe and secure because our hydrogen gas is generated and supplied at low pressure.
  4. Stable supply with no transportation required because hydrogen gas can be generated at the site of actual use.

Emergency Power Generating System

Our Emergency Power System is a packaged system of our uniquely developed fuel cells and hydrogen supply system. A natural disaster is always unpredictable. The power supply may be suspended in case of disasters.
Thus, we have developed an “Emergency Power Generating System” as a stable power supply even under such circumstances. It applies to any locations where two 20-feet containers are installed.

  1. Supplying electricity without any external heat or electricity
  2. Providing power for hundreds of households in a small space with only two 20-feet containers