Hydrogen Generation Plant

Our hydrogen generation plant, with an area of about 78㎡, produces 108 kg/h (1,200㎥/h) and 2.592 tons/day (28,800㎥/day) of hydrogen in a hydrogen generation room. The generated hydrogen is filled at low pressure into six hydrogen storage tanks (14 tons per unit) located outside the plant.
Per a hydrogen production line: Amount of hydrogen production 18kg/h (200㎥/h), required area(installation) 13㎡ (3.93sqm). Also, if enough place (space) is secured, you can produce hydrogen in an infinite number of ways*.

Hydrogen Generation Room

Hydrogen is extracted from water through a reaction between water and our uniquely developed catalyst that uses almost no external heat or electricity

Hydrogen Generation Control Room

Control generated hydrogen gas in a low-pressure compressor

Hydrogen Storage Tank

Store generated hydrogen gas in a tank

High-pressure Compressor & Dispenser

We sell hydrogen by filling hydrogen cylinders (7㎥) with high pressure (14.7MPa).