Hydrogen Generation Plant

Our hydrogen generation plant, with an area of about 78㎡, produces 300㎥/h(7,200㎥/day) of hydrogen in a hydrogen generation room. The generated hydrogen is filled at low pressure into six hydrogen storage tanks(14 tons per unit) located outside the plant.
Per a hydrogen production line: The amount of hydrogen production is 300㎥/h. Also, if installation space can be secured, an infinite amount of hydrogen can be produced by increasing the number of production lines.*

Hydrogen Generation Room

Almost no heat or electricity is used, and hydrogen is produced only by the reaction between water and a proprietary natural ore.

Hydrogen Generation Control Room

Generation is done automatically. In addition, the generated hydrogen is measured by our analysis equipment.

Hydrogen Storage Tank

The generated hydrogen is stored in a tank at low pressure (below 1MPa).

High-pressure Compressor & Dispenser

We sell hydrogen by filling hydrogen cylinders (7㎥) with high pressure (14.7MPa).