Started commercial operation of Japan’s first hydrogen combustion power plant and concluded a Memorandum of Understanding to study joint business development related to hydrogen supply


Commencement of commercial operation of Japan’s first hydrogen combustion power plant
– Notice Concerning Study of Joint Business Development in Hydrogen Business –

Hydrogen Technology, Inc
erex Co., Ltd.

Hydrogen Technology, Inc. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yasuhiro Yamamoto; after this referred to as “HT”) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (after this referred to as “MoU”) with erex Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Hitoshi Honna; after this referred to as “erex”) regarding the development of a joint business to generate electricity and supply hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles (after this referred to as “FCVs”) using hydrogen combustion (after this referred to as the “Project”).


The world is rapidly accelerating its efforts to realize a decarbonized society. The basic policy of Japan’s energy policy is to simultaneously achieve Energy Security, Economic Efficiency, and Environmental Compatibility, with Safety as a central premise. Hydrogen, which can solve both environmental compatibility and self-sufficiency, can be produced from primary energy sources other than petroleum and is attracting attention as a clean energy source with high energy efficiency and no CO2 emissions at the stage of use.

This project is a power generation business using safe and inexpensive hydrogen produced by a new technology that extracts “hydrogen” under low temperature and low pressure using only “water” and “catalyst derived from rocks” initially developed by HT. It is to verify and work on a wide range of hydrogen utilization, such as power generation and the fuel cell vehicle business.

As the first step, we are constructing a 300kW hydrogen power plant in the jurisdiction of TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. to demonstrate that HT’s technology can continuously generate enough hydrogen for dedicated hydrogen power generation. We are aiming to start operation by the end of the year 2021. In the future, we will begin developing an even larger hydrogen-fired power plant and promoting the verification of hydrogen supply volume and cost reduction. At the same time, we will consider entering the business of supplying hydrogen to FCVs. This project will be the first hydrogen combustion power plant in Japan to be operated commercially.

Based on the principle of “pioneering the future with new ideas and the power to act,” erex has set forth its “2030 Vision ~ aiming to create a sustainable society ~ Becoming a leading company in the coming era of electricity field having renewable energy as a core business.” In addition to the biomass power generation business, we have positioned hydrogen as one of the essential environmental energy sources for the future. We will continue to develop energy-related businesses from various angles. Besides, we will continue to accelerate our efforts to realize a hydrogen society to contribute to achieving our long-term goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, related to climate change mitigation and discovering a sustainable energy cycle.

As an energy company, HT aims to improve the self-sufficiency rate of hydrogen in Japan by focusing on “hydrogen” to realize a stable supply, global environmental protection, and a society where people can live with peace of mind.


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